Our Foundation

Jill’s Hope was founded by Jill Heckman and her close group of friends. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative breast cancer in her left breast and Stage 2 Her-2 positive breast cancer in right breast in June 2014. She is still battling the Triple Negative diagnosis today and has learned along the way the power of a strong support system and positive mindset. Our goal is to support others going through a similar situation and their caregivers.

We are currently operating as a DBA (Doing Business As) under The Hudson Project.


Jill was diagnosed with two different types of breast cancer in June of 2014.

She underwent a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, and reconstruction. Her treatment was finished in August of 2015 or so she thought. Three weeks after getting her port removed she noticed a lump in her left chest wall, and it was confirmed on her 44th birthday that her cancer had returned. Since then she has undergone a clinical trial chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and a standard breast cancer chemotherapy.

During the past two years she has had an amazing support group to help her keep her head up and remain focused. As a former college athlete and coach she knows the importance of mental toughness and positive attitude during any type of competition.

Cancer is a battle of one’s life!

Jill was introduced to many holistic therapies during her treatment that reduced her anxiety and strengthened her immune system. Most of these therapies are not covered by insurance and can be pricey. Jill and her support group have created Jill’s Hope in order to assist those in need and provide hope to the fighters, survivors and their caregivers.

The foundation will assist financially with various therapies that include (but are not limited to): Pilates that is specialized for breast cancer patients, reiki, reflexology, massage, acupuncture, wellness coaching, benefits of essential oils, nutrition classes, and meditation. There is medical evidence to support that these therapies have shown benefits with those battling cancer. Jill’s personal experience supports these findings and she wants to give others the opportunity to be their best selves during and after a very trying circumstance.

Every cancer patients journey is unique and we all handle stressors in our life differently, but if we can help a few or lots of fews than we will have impacted a life or lives.