Give a Hope

We rely on donations and fundraisers to award our hopes. If you would like to contribute, contact us for more information or visit our donate tab.

Kick’n Chemo Bucket

We love to provide cheerful gift baskets to those undergoing chemo treatment. The buckets are intended to lift spirits, help individuals feel connected and loved by others and provide gifts and necessities helpful for chemo treatment. They include items such as; lotion, dry mouth products, scarves, fuzzy socks, journals, books, gum, adult coloring books, inspirational cards, thank you notes, etc. The buckets are made with love and filled with hope. We want everyone cancer fighter to know that they are not alone.

Our buckets are currently delivered to:
Children’s Mercy Hospital
KU Green Hill’s Chemo Treatment Center
NKC Hospital
Saint Luke’s Plaza Cancer Treatment Center
St. Luke’s Liberty Infusion Center
St. Joe Mosaic Infusion Center
Advent Health Infusion Center
Shawnee Mission Medical Center
Truman Medical Center

Pilates Classes

We host a Mat Pilates class weekly at Pilates Coop KC. This class is for any one going through treatment, one-year post and for their caregivers.

Benefits of Pilates for Cancer:
• A study by Harvard Medical School researchers found breast cancer patients who exercise moderately — 3-5 hours a week — reduce their odds of dying from breast cancer by about half as compared to sedentary women.
• The exercises can be modified for any level or to any part of your treatment program
• Supports natural movement in your effected arms and increases range of motion
• Stimulates lymph circulation and drainage
• Requires focus, so helps you live in the moment
• Increases muscle strength, especially for the shoulders and mid back
• Increases tone of pelvic floor, supporting the bladder
• Takes the focus of the damaged areas of your body and what you can’t do and helps you focus on what you can do!
• Improves body image
• Reduces fatigue
• Promotes connection with others who are on similar journeys
• Elevates mood and decreases depression

This class is taught by Melanie Riley, Licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Balanced Body Pilates Instructor. Eligible clients include women currently undergoing breast cancer treatment or 1 year post AND their caregivers (sister, mom, spouse, friend etc.)

Support Group

A monthly meeting for all fighters, survivors and caregivers. The group will cover various education topics each month. Additionally, there will be a segment for discussion, sharing and support breaking up the patients and caregivers. 

Therapy Nights

A monthly hands on therapy using art, music or other creative means to help you get out of your head and into your life. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all the details of your treatment. This is a liberating opportunity to free your mind and be YOU!!


Our individual coaching services are the gateway to our relationships with our fighters. Whether it is someone newly diagnosed, someone who had been fighting for years or someone who has reached remission, we will sit down as a listening ear. In coaching, we don’t try to fix anything. We just hold space and the truth that you are whole, dearly loved and supported. We allow you to talk about your triumphs and your fears without judgement. We allow you to be yourself and help you know that you are not alone through this fight. We also assess for needs like nutrition information, stress management strategies, self-esteem strategies, appropriate physical activity as well as holistic therapies and spiritual support. Through the portal of coaching we direct our members to other services including massage therapy, oncology facials, energy healing, nutrition support, chiropractic care, spiritual support and more.