Going into my cancer diagnosis the word grateful was not on the tip of my tongue and not something I would have thought would become such a big part of my healing.  Going through the phases of my treatments and healing I find more and more things I am grateful for.   The people who came before me being the biggest.  

Jill’s Hope is part of that blessing with the beautiful legacy of Jill.  I never met her but she helped me through my treatment as I followed on line until I was ready to join the group in person.  My healing, physical and emotional, took off.  The people involved in Jill’s Hope are warm, welcoming, understanding the list goes on.  I have received so much from this family including the opportunity to give back and be there for others.   As I like to say this is the marathon not the sprint.  Unfortunately there will be more of us but thanks to the wonderful people following Jill’s lead there will be support, love and healing.

I am grateful.

Lisa Stephens

I have gone to Reiki and reflexology through the help of the foundation, and both have helped me with my anxiety. I have also meet many new friends at the studio. Knowing that I’m not alone on this journey and that I’m involved with others that have or are going through it.

Mary Suiter

In order to treat the cancer we have to make the body able to heal itself through; exercise, nutrition, and spirituality…all of these were viewed as strictly to make you feel better and have a better quality of life. But we are now understanding that there may not only a benefit to quality of life, but also a therapeutic benefit in terms of fighting the cancer.

Dr. Timothy Pluard

As a two time survivor the Pilates is a tremendous help. The ability to regain motion and function after having had reconstruction is so important. There is nothing out there that comes in a prescription or is written by a physician that accomplishes what this does.

Theresa Sicks